Kaiser Foundation Inc.

Curt E. Kaiser, Jr.

Honoring Ethics & Education   

     Curt E. Kaiser Jr., a Shoshoni native and prominent Wyoming businessman, often had conversation with his many friends about education, business ethics and the importance of working in an ethical work environment.  His own life exemplified his beliefs and he was highly regarded by most everyone who knew him.


     In 2004 Curt unexpectedly passed away.  But his dreams and wishes continue to live on through the Kaiser Foundation, Inc. which he established and which continues to provide funding of college scholarships to Wyoming high school graduates as well as funding to two Wyoming college ethics programs.  The dream has become a reality.

     For more than 30 consecutive years, the Kaiser Foundations has awarded over $1.5 million in scholarships to students representing high schools throughout Wyoming.

Curt E. Kaiser, Jr.

A Dream Begins

   "As we begin this new step in our lives, we are provided a great opportunity to decide right now to have integrity.  You will meet many in the world who choose not to act with integrity, but you will also find many who do.  Be one of those who do and act ethically, even if no one is watching."

2007 University of Wyoming Commencement